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Extremely rare natural pink euclase 1.32ct [Brazil] ★bicolor pink★

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part number ABEU0001
weight 1.32ct
Size (length) x (width) About 6.9x6.7x4.7mm
Color pink and orange pink
shape chestnut cut
production area Brazil
hardness 6.5-7.5

This item is a very rare pink euclase from Brazil.
Actually, pink euclase was discovered from BAHIA in Brazil around 2015-2016, and at that time it was not popular all over the world and was not distributed.
Since 2018, it has been gradually traded as an international gemstone, but the production volume was small, so it is not widely distributed yet. (Estimated output is only about 1KG)
Pink-orange euclase has characteristic inclusions.
Notable internal features include curly fibrous inclusions.
The unusual pink-orange color is due to traces of manganese (Mn3+).
This pink euclase has fibrous inclusions and pepper-like black dot inclusions.
No scratches, depending on the angle, there are iridescent reflections like aventurescence, sparkling and very unique. Please consider it!

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