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Natural high-quality color-change garnet 0.21ct [Bekilly] ★Discoloration gem★

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part number ABCG0094
weight 0.21ct
Size (length) x (width) About 4.0x3.0x2.4mm
Color Beckyly Blue (Bluish)
shape pear shape cut
production area bekiry madagascar
hardness 7.0-7.5

This is a color change garnet from Bekiry in Madagascar.
Under natural light, it appears blue to the naked eye, and under incandescent light or candles, it appears purplish red.
When viewed with a 10x magnifying glass, inclusions and cracks are visible, but the luster is so good that they are barely visible to the naked eye.

When the light hits it from behind, the line-like inclusions illuminate the rainbow colors, which is very interesting, and the discolored colors are also very vivid ♥

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