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Natural Malaya Garnet 1.50ct [Tanzania] Specializing in twinkle Mahenge (Paparacha color)

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part number ABMG0010
weight 1.50ct
Size (length) x (width) About 7.4x6.1x3.9mm
Color Orange (padparadscha color)
shape oval cut
production area Tanzania
hardness 7.0-7.5

◎ When viewed with a 10x magnifying glass, no inclusions, cracks, or scratches can be seen.
It's very well lit and very bright.

The malaya garnet that is included this time is rarely large and contains almost no inclusions.
If you look at the real thing, the fire is shining so much that you will be surprised.
The sense of depth and the twinkling rainbow are so beautiful that they cannot be conveyed in a photograph.
It has a color shift, and when illuminated with a yellow light, it turns bright red.
This Malaya is recommended so much that I want to process jewelry myself! By mixing ingredients including pyrope and spessartite.
Depending on the ratio of ingredients, it has warm colors such as pink, orange, and brown.
Also, some of them have a color change effect.

◉ We strive to make the colors of the posted photos as close as possible to the actual product, but due to differences in your environment (monitor, browser, etc.), the appearance of the color may differ slightly from the actual product. Thank you for your understanding.

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