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Natural bicolor sapphire 0.97ct [Australia] Teal blue

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part number ABSPA0087
weight 0.97ct
Size (length) x (width) About 7.1x5.0x3.2mm
Color yellow/blue (til blue)
shape fancy cut
production area Australia
hardness 9.0

The sapphire that arrived this time is a bi-color sapphire cut in Sri Lanka with a unique fancy cut and beautiful luster.
It's not clearly bi-color, but it looks like a beautiful till blue (blue clean) thanks to a little yellow in it.
It has a mature color that goes well with the skin tone.
The cut is so beautiful that it shines like a diamond.

◉ This is a product with no scratches when viewed with a magnifying glass.

◉ We have taken the closest possible color to the actual product, but please understand that the color of the actual product may differ depending on the device.

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