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Natural bicolor tanzanite (zoisite) [Tanzania] Multicolor gemstone
*The order is from left to right. *The 2nd and 3rd photos were taken with a two-color mirror.

1. 4.8× 3.3mm / 0.524ct

2. 4.8×2.9mm / 0.452ct

3. 5.0×3.2mm / 0.513ct

4. 4.9×2.5mm / 0.524ct

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------

Natural color change garnet [Bekiry] ★Discoloration gem★
*Photos of color change garnets from the 8th onwards.

(Left) 2.9×2.0mm / 0.140ct

(Right) 2.8×1.9mm / 0.123ct

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