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Natural benitoite 0.052ct [USA] Dark rare stone ★Multicolor gemstone

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part number ABBE0005
weight 0.052ct
Size (length) x (width) 2.2mm
Color blue
shape round cut
production area America
hardness 6.0-6.5
with sorting

Benitoite, one of America's three major gemstones, is also characterized by having "pleochroism".
Benitoite changes its color depending on the viewing angle, and there are even ones that change color from blue to bluish purple depending on the angle.
This is very sparkly and high quality benitoite.
If you look at it with a magnifying glass, you can see some inclusions.

◉ We try to make the colors of the posted photos as close as possible to the actual colors, but due to differences in your environment (monitor, browser, etc.), the appearance of the colors may differ slightly from the actual ones. Thank you for your understanding.

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