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Natural tanzanite 0.939ct [Tanzania] ★Dark high quality ★Discoloration gem★

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part number ABTZ0020
weight 0.939ct
Size (length) x (width) About 5.9x5.9x4.0mm
Color purplish blue
shape round cut
production area Tanzania
hardness 6.0-7.0

This high-quality tanzanite is carefully selected by directly exchanging with overseas factories.
The color is dark, the depth is deep and the shine is good!
If you hold the real thing in your hand, I think the color looks even more beautiful than the photo♥
When viewed with a 10x loupe, there are no inclusions or cracks, and since it is imported directly from the factory, the price has been adjusted low! Please consider it!
(The last two photos were taken with a dichroic mirror.)

◉ Now accepting order jewelry!

◉ We try to make the colors of the posted photos as close as possible to the actual colors, but due to differences in your environment (monitor, browser, etc.), the appearance of the colors may differ slightly from the actual ones. Thank you for your understanding.

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