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②Green Green 4.0×2.7mm 0.353ct

(High quality) Becky Blue 3.0×1.8mm 0.130ct

5% off for loose items over ¥10,000

Order jewelry RW09 K10WG #11 ¥32800

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(Proposed portion)

Natural Color Change Garnet [Madagascar] ★Discoloration Gem★

① Vivid blue green 4.1×2.4mm 0.316ct ¥8000

②Green green 4.0×2.7mm 0.353ct ¥8800

③Vivid blue green 3.0×1.9mm 0.148ct ¥4500

④Becky Blue 3.0×1.6mm 0.117ct ¥5200

⑤ (High quality) Becky Blue 3.0x1.8mm 0.130ct ¥6500

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