Certificate/sorting agent

It is possible to obtain a certificate of authenticity or sorting for all of our products.
However, depending on the condition of the stone, it may not be possible to obtain it from the designated identification agency.
For example, non-heating inspections are not performed by the identification agency, and the price setting is different for each.
If you would like a sorting or a certificate, please check from the link below.
≫Click here to purchase the sorting and identification book≪

* In the unlikely event that we need to adjust the price, we will contact you again.

● About sorting

① If there is no classification agency you want
→ We will ask GGS (Gem Grading System Japan) for an additional charge (tax included) of 800 yen. However, since we cannot inspect loose items of 3 mm or less, we will request the Japan Gemological Association to do the inspection.
②If there is a desired identification agency
→ If you have any other desired identification agency, please fill out the inquiry form below and we will inform you by email.

If you would like to check in advance, please fill in the item number and stone name of the stone you want to check, and the desired identification agency below, and we will reply.

Thank you very much.

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